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A Story Of A Thousand Words

These trousers aren’t just a pair of trousers, they tell a story. 

These are my Mamma’s Armani trousers that she’s had for years, the quality is impeccable and now they’ve been passed down to me and I hope to wear them for many years to come too.

When I wear them I feel invincible, I feel confident and I feel happy. I want to be kind to others, I want to chat to strangers in the street, I radiate my happiness onto others.

When I wear these trousers, I am reminded of my Mamma and what an elegant and beautiful lady she is. They bring back happy memories of times when I was younger and we would go on shopping trips together and she’d ask for my input. 

Clothes shouldn’t just be clothes, they should tell a story of a thousand words. 

Alessandra Reli’s aim is to bring meaning back to our clothes, to create memories in them with the people we love and to pass them down through the generations. We would love to hear your stories, share them with us on social media using the hashtag #MyAlessandraReliStory

Love Ali x